Vol. 15  No.1 April - 2005K.C.R.A. Newsletter
"Michigan's Northernmost FM Voice Repeater"
Our Spring, 2005 meeting was held the third Tuesday of April.  April 19, 
2005 at the Keweenaw Pines Apartments Community Building
The President (KC8DYG) and Secretary-Treasurer (W8FWG) were the two 
present, 4 other members and one guest (Alan Olson) were present.
At the hearing for Gary, K8YSZ held on Oct. 26, 2004, the Zoning-Planning 
Commission of Keweenaw County at Eagle River, MI, the board showed "no 
for a permit" for Gary to put up his amateur radio tower. There were 8 
"hams" present and 4 others who supported Gary and Dianne Hansen. We were 
grateful for the 12 that showed up in support.


"LSAC has repeaters from the MN. Canadian border down the western shore of 
Lake Superior down to Duluth MN./Bayfield WI. A couple interior repeaters 
Brainerd MN. to as far west as almost Grand Rapids MN. LSAC 1 consists of 
eighteen (18) 2-meter repeaters linked via UHF Hub in Bayfield WI. LSAC 2 
consists of twelve (12) mainly 6-meter repeaters linked via UHF Hub in 
Duluth, MN.

The only reliable (24/7) means I have to talk with my friend KB9WCK (Dave) 
in Hazelhurst, WI. is through LSAC 1. He can shoot North and get into the 
Bayfield repeater and I can shoot across Lake Superior and get into either 
Silver Bay, Two Harbors, or Grand Marais. I usually use the Grand Marais 
repeater. The neat thing about this is I am getting into a repeater about 
miles to my NW and I am talking to a Ham about 125 miles to my south. WOW! 
Just a note: I should be able to talk to Dave via the CCRAA 67 repeater. 
can point his stacked beams at 67 and get into it OK but he can't hear it. 
can hear him but because the 67 puts out such low power, he can't hear me.

LSAC 2 : Most of the time I can't get into LSAC 2. I only have a 1/2 wave 
Vert. Ringo for a 6 meter ant. and it just doesn't have the gain. Also, 6 
meters is a noisy band. I get about a S5 of background noise. I have 
into it a couple of times in the spring when conditions were good. I think 
If I had a better antenna I probably could get into LSAC 2.
Some Interesting Facts:
I can ALWAYS get into LSAC 1 via the Grand Marais repeater using 10 watts. 
During good conditions I can get in using 500 milliwatts on my HT."

(Submitted by Mark, KC8YDU)

The April 13, 2005  meeting of the KCRA was called to order by President 
Royce, KC8DYG at 7:00 pm EDST with 2 officers and 4 members present. One 
guest (Alan Olson) was present.  Self introductions was followed by 
acceptance of the previous meeting minutes and a Treasurer's report was 
given.  No Engineer's Report was given and no Technical/Advisory committee 
members were present.  Under correspondence we learned that Gary, K8YSZ 
became the new EC (Emergency Coordinator) for Keweenaw County and he also 
received an ARRL appointment of "OO" (Official Observer.)  It was decided 
resend the SPECIAL REPORT that went out last fall, as very few responded 
the president's request.  This report will go out via USPS on Friday, May 
Under new business, we have this report regarding our teaching efforts at 
the South Range Elementary School:

Thanks to Gary (K8YSZ), Lee (KC8DYG) and George, W8FWG) for their efforts 
bringing a course of instruction to the 5th grade students at the South 
Range Elementary School.  The students built "AM" radios from a kit, and 
to keep them, and yes, they all worked, when   the students finished them. 
Our thanks to Mrs. Gretchen Bergan, for starting this project.  Thanks 
to Gretchen's husband Joseph for providing some additional parts for the 
students to practice with.   A 10 week course ended in mid April-2005 with 
positive look to the future.  We are told that starting in the fall of 
year, Mr. Benda at the Jeffers High School will be starting a curriculum 
Amateur Radio!  An alumnus of Jeffers (Harold B. Vincent, Class of 1938, 
a ham, KA8FEW of Williamsburg, MI) has provided the school (at no cost) 
a complete amateur radio station!   Club members and Painesdale residents 
hope to help with putting the station together at the school! We also wish 
to thank all of the teachers at South Range Elementary for their help, 
providing a "one-on-one" aided instruction to the students.   Special 
goes to our President, Lee Royce, for obtaining all of the kits and tools 
required to start such a project.  Incidentally, all three "hams" (K8YSZ, 
KC8DYG and W8FWG) also hold membership in the CCRAA.  Also: The Daily 
Gazette carried the story in its Tuesday, April 19, 2005 edition,  
"Making Radio Waves."  I've heard from hams across the country who saw the 
article, so lots of Copper Country subscribers to the Gazette,  saw South 
Range put on the map!  We can't forget the students themselves either!  
did a great job, and we are the radio clubs are very proud of you, and 

74 Members

Anderson, Brandon   N8PUM Ishpeming
Anderson, Frederick  N8BTS Marquette
Anderson, Walter  W8ERB Houghton
Baker, Frances  KC8FUR Lake Linden
Baker, James  KE4ZRN Lake Linden
Bekkala, Harold  N8IMU Laurium
Brumm, Douglas  K8LHM Hastings, MI
Burgan, Roland  KB8XI Hancock
Carlborn, Scott  N8WGS Hancock
Clark, Steven  KA8UZI Laurium
Crider, Cecil  WE8D Laurium
Davis, Jon   N8HXP Eagle Harbor
DeLoughary, Kevin  KB8PLQ Marquette
Djerf, Edwin  WB8CBA Calumet
Ekdahl, Glenn  WA8QNF Hancock
Englund, Vickie  N8PIX Lake Linden
Gedvillas, Jerry  KC8WOG Houghton
Gedvillas, Brigitta  Assoc. Houghton
Grabig, Paul  KB8UDD Calumet
Hanner, Richard  KC8VMV Weidman, MI
Hannula, Clifford  N8XLI Laurium
Hansen, Gary  K8YSZ Ahmeek
Hanson, Gregory  KI8AF Marquette
Hewlett, Roger  K8ZZA St. Clair, MI
Isaacson, Brian  N8JAB Mohawk
Keck, Jack   W8ZKV Houghton
Kemppainen, Paul  KC8FLK Hancock
Konczel, Mark   KC8YDU Hancock
Koskiniemi, David  KC8BSN Calumet
La Muth, Stanley  WB8QJZ Lake Linden
Lienau, James  K9ANU Green Bay, WI
Martinmaki, Ronald  W9EOA La Crosse, WI
Meyers, Marjorie  KC8LRP Vulcan, MI
Meyers, Robert  WA8FXQ Vulcan, MI
Mischica, Rodney  KC8BSR Calumet
Moyle, David  N8KME Calumet
Murphy, David  AA8OX Calumet
Narhi-Clark A.J.  KC8PDV Pelkie
Nopola, Gerald  N8CSE Watton
Odgers, Dale  W8DAO Dollar Bay
Odgers, Judy  N8XJP Dollar Bay
Olson, Carl   N8PIT Painesdale
Peltoniemi, Roy  WB8ZYL Dollar Bay
Peterson, Helen   N8XJJ Kearsarge
Polzien, Douglas  N8KSO Calumet
Polzien, Joanne  KC8BST Calumet
Powers, Richard  KA8L Copper Harbor
Racine, Paul  KB0P Ishpeming
Reid, Robert  W8UXG Ontonagon
Royce, Dennis  K9GIR Eagle Harbor
Royce, Lee   KC8DYG Mohawk
Samuli, John  N8JS Edgewood, NM
Savolainen, Aleda  KC8EKX Lake Linden
Savolainen, Charles  WB8FCY Lake Linden
Savolainen, David  N8PJB St. Paul, MN
Savolainen, Dawn  KC8EKY Lake Linden
Schoos, William  N8GWO Hancock
Skoglund, Denis  KB8THD Houghton
Smigowski, Heather  KB8ZTB Calumet
Smigowski, Judi  N8PIZ Calumet
Smigowski, Paul  N8ILY Calumet
Somero, Henry  WA8ICV Laurium
Strangle, Stanley  K8NYT Bruce Crossing
Swiatkowski, Michael  AA9VI Exeter, RI
Swift, Jack   N8WAV Houghton
Thurner, Charles  N3AKQ Mechanicsburg, PA
Thurner, George  W8FWG Laurium
Thurner, Virginia  Assoc. Laurium
Trainer, Alfred III  KC8OCK Ontonagon
Vuorinen, Risto  N8BYR Dollar Bay
Yarroch, William   KC8EKZ Hancock

Is ham radio going "downhill?" We tend to think so.  In this 21st century 
the kids now-a-days have many other diversions to hamming.  There are 
computer games, they can use at the press of a button or insertion of a 
"games" diskette into a computer.  The "plug-n-play" theme seems to 
Echo-Link , while still in its infancy provides linkups all over the world 
by licensed hams (so you do have to be a ham to use this system!), and 
is no problem with "skip" or time of day or night,  you can connect, leave 
message, and expect a reply at the will of the recipient at the far end. 
in the V.E. department (Volunteer Examiners) notice a definite decrease in 
the amount of people taking amateur exams.  We are hard put to run a 10 
radio course these days, as there are so many outside interests for 
everyone.  I personally have seen a class of 35 dwindle to where only 10 
people took the exam at the end of the course.  The reason?  "We don't 
time to sit there for 2 hours, a week for 10 weeks!"  The answer?  Shorten 
the course to weekends, compressing the time by having "pre-study" periods 
at home......still this doesn't seem to work out very well.  We're still 
hearing...."Why are there three classes of license?.....I only need ONE 
license to drive a car!"  Are older people going in for a ham license?  
many!  So, it is the young people who we have to prepare........that's why 
the KCRA recently put a lot of time and effort in helping the youngsters 
started at the South Range Elementary school system (Adams Twp.)  What can 
we do as a club, or as licensed radio "hams" to help bring ham radio back 
where it was 10, 20 or even 50 years ago?  Put out efforts into Education. 
Our sister club, the CCRAA has a video tape series, that seems to be very 
successful.....they are using the ARRL video tapes for the Technician and 
General Class licenses.  They can be obtained from Jack Swift, N8WAV at 
Swift Hardware store in Houghton for a small fee.  (The fee is refunded 
the tapes are returned) The success rate is in the 90% + area using these 
tapes.  There are four of them.... (in the Technician class series)....and 
three in the General Class ).approximately.  Each tape contains 
approximately two hours of viewing and one should not try to run the full 
eight hours at one time!  By this study method (ARRL video tapes) we find 
this to be the best compromise to learning and digesting the information 
needed to pass an amateur exam.  The ARRL publication called "Now You're 
Talking" is also recommended along with the "FCC Rule Book."  Access the 
ARRL home page at www.arrl.org  and check them out.  You'll be glad you 
George R. Thurner, W8FWG
grt@pasty.net     (General Use)
w8fwg@arrl.net  (Radio Hams)